This Cricket Betting Online Guide is All You Need

Cricket is a sport that is loved in many different countries around the world, especially in those countries that the British colonized. In India, cricket has gone on to become more of a religion than a sport - you will struggle to find someone in India that does not love cricket. Not only do people love to watch and play cricket, but they also enjoy betting on it. In this guide, we will reveal all you need to know about online cricket betting. Only a fool would not pay attention to these tips for cricket betting online.


Cricket Betting Markets - The Different Cricket Markets You Can Bet On

There are millions of people across the world who enjoy cricket betting online, but what exactly is it that makes cricket such a wonderful sport for people to bet on? Well, for starters, the wide variety of cricket betting markets is one main reason why online cricket betting is now so popular. When it comes to market variation, there are few sports out there that can compete with cricket. We all enjoy variety, and this is available in abundance when it comes to cricket online betting.

Below we shall take a look at cricket betting online markets that you will be able to find at all of the best cricket bookies online.

Match Bet

This kind of bet is one that you can place for all sports. It is, without doubt, one of the simplest types of bets out there since all you have to do is try and predict the team that will go on to win the match. When you are doing a spot of cricket betting online with the match bet market for Test cricket, you will be able to bet on a draw, if you so wish. However, not all cricket bookmakers will offer draw odds for the two shorter formats of the sport since it is rare that a draw will happen.

Series Winner

An international cricket team will sometimes have to travel long distances to play a cricket game against another nation, so it would make very little sense for them to play just the one game and then fly back home. As a result, they will usually play somewhere between 2-4 matches in the different formats, and this is called a series. Any cricket bookmaker that is serious about their profession will give punters the chance to place cricket bets on a team to win a series.

Match Score

Another type of bet that punters can make when cricket betting online is the match score. With this bet, all you are trying to do predict the number of runs that a team will score. The sportsbook that you have an account with will provide you with their own figure, such as 324.5, and then you need to decide if the team will score over (325 runs or more) or under (324 runs or fewer) in the match.

Top Batsman

With this kind of cricket wager, punters are tasked with predicting the batsman from a team that will score the most runs. With regards to cricket betting online, this is a pretty difficult bet to get correct since one small error can see the batsman dismissed. However, the trickiness of this kind of bet will always be reflected in the odds which your online bookie will offer.

Top Bowler

Since we just explained to you what the top batsman wager is, it should not be too tricky for punters to work out what the cricket bet entails. With this cricket betting online wager, you just have to select the bowler who you believe will collect the most wickets for the team they play for. Like the top batsman bet, this is not an easy wager to predict, so your online bookmaker will offer good odds for it.

Player of the Match

When you want to bet on cricket online, you will have the option of trying to choose the player that will end up as Player of the Match. With this type of bet, you just need to choose one player from either team that you believe will be the best player in the game. As there are 22 players that can claim this award, you will find even higher odds that you will for the top bowler and top batsman wagers. If you do manage to get such a bet right, you will certainly walk away with a lovely profit.

Dismissal Method

Whenever you bet on cricket online, you can put your money on the method that will be used to dismiss the next batsman to get out. In cricket, a batsman can be dismissed in a number of ways and these are - bowled, caught, LBW, run-out, stumped, and hit wicket. The odds provided will depend on the method that you choose. For example, getting out caught is cricket’s most common dismissal method, so the odds will usually be pretty low, while you rare ever see a hit wicket dismissal, so the odds will be very high.

What Are the Best Cricket Bookies Online?

Cricket punters all over the world bet billions on cricket betting online each year. If we asked you to guess the country that spends the most money on online cricket betting and you said India, you would be 100% correct. To give an idea as to just how much Indian punters spend on cricket betting online, it is estimated that on average they bet about $400 million whenever India play.

Below we are going to give you some great online bookies for Indian punters to use to bet on cricket, but before we go ahead and do that, we want to give you some other vital information that will almost certainly be useful when you are searching for a bookie so that you can bet on cricket online.

Reputation is vital: When you come across a bookmaker that you think is perfect for you and you want to register with, we suggest that you read some reviews as doing this will give you a good understanding as to what your fellow cricket bettors think about it. If you read a lot of negative comments, then forget about that particular bookie and carry on with your search. There are many great bookmakers available to you, so you definitely do not need to settle for a second rate one.

Look at the odds: The odds will differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, so you should have a look at comparison sites before making your final selection. It is always a good move to sign up with a bookie that has the best cricket odds as this is how you will get the value for your money that you deserve.

Bonuses are not all the same: Bookmakers need to provide very attractive bonuses if they want new cricket bettors to open an account with them, but bonuses are not all created with the same greatness. You will encounter some really good bonuses and some really poor ones. Therefore, it is important that you do some research before you jump in and register with a bookie. You definitely do not want to register with a bookie and then find one soon after that offers a better bonus.

Good customer care is important: If a sports betting site has poor customer support, then you definitely need to avoid it and take your money somewhere else. If you do sign up with a bookie that has rubbish customer support, then you are setting yourself up for a lot of hassle when online cricket betting. You should definitely only sign up with a bookmaker that has a live chat option and a customer care team that you can contact 247. If you want to make sure they have good customer care, then send them a mock problem before registering with them.

Now that you know four very important things that you should keep an eye on when looking for a bookie to register with, we are now going to provide you with 10 fantastic bookies that we consider to be the best cricket betting sites.

  • Royal Panda
  • Dafabet
  • LeoVegas
  • Bodog
  • 888sport
  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • Spin Sports
  • 10Cric
  • 22Bet

We are obviously not sitting here and forcing you to use any of the above bookies to bet on cricket online, but if you opt to open an account with one of these best cricket betting sites to place your cricket bets, then we guarantee you will have a great cricket betting experience. All of the bookmakers that we listed above have great cricket betting odds and have all put in a lot of graft to become one of the best cricket bookies online. If we had to select one from the above list to register with, then we would choose, after a lot of deliberation, as we cannot find a fault with them.


Online Cricket Betting - Live Betting is Entertaining

When sportsbooks first made their transition to the Internet back in the 90s, it was not possible for cricket bettors to do live cricket betting. In fact, it was not possible to place live bets on any type of sport. As a result, if you did not place a bet before an event started, you would not be able to place any bets after the first ball was bowled. However, technology has improved an awful lot since then, and now you will find live cricket betting at any sportsbook that is serious about what they do.

We are sure that you will be wanting to make live bets on cricket at some stage, so before you dive in and register with a bookie, you need to check out what type of live betting arena they have. The 10 bookmakers that we just listed all come with a great live betting platform, which means that you will always be able to bet on cricket even after the first ball is bowled.

How to Bet on the Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, and there are plenty who love to do a spot of IPL betting online. If you are new to placing cricket bets, then you might be wondering just how it is that you go about doing so. Well, it is a pretty simple process and below we explain how to place cricket bets on the Indian Premier League. These steps can be followed for other competitions such as the ICC Cricket World Cup.

  1. Enter your bookmaker account and check the funds you have in your account
  2. If you do not have enough for the bets you plan to make, deposit some money using one of the banking methods that are available
  3. Go to the cricket page and click on the section for the IPL
  4. Browse through the different markets until you find something that you like the look of. Click on it, and it will be added to the betting slip
  5. Choose the stake that you are going to place on your bet, and add the value to your betting slip
  6. When you are happy with your choices, click on the submit button

The Different Deposit Methods Used in India

When it comes to deposit methods that Indians can use so that they can make match predictions, there are a wide variety available. You will not be able to find all of the deposit methods at every online sportsbook that accepts Indian players, which is why it is important that you take a look at the different banking options that a sports betting site has before you open an account with them. It is always wise to sign up with a bookmaker that has plenty of banking methods to choose from as this means that you can select the payment option that you are most familiar with.

Below we have listed the main payment options that are available to Indian sports betting fans:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • GooglePay
  • AstroPay
  • Paysafecard
  • MuchBetter
  • PhonePE
  • VISA
  • MasterCard

Online Cricket Betting Apps Are Useful

Nowadays, a lot of sports bettors like to place wagers wherever they happen to be, and bookies are certainly aware of this fact. Therefore, any bookie that is serious about their profession will provide their players with great cricket betting apps that can be downloaded for a better mobile gambling experience. There are now many different cricket betting apps that we can download, but we are not exaggerating when we say that they are not all of the same quality.

Below we take a look at three apps that we believe are some of the best available for download at the moment.

22Bet App

22Bet know that their players want the option of being able to place cricket bets wherever they happen to be, which is the reason why they have put so much effort into creating one of the best apps for cricket betting that is available on both iOS and Android devices.

We actually downloaded this app ourselves so that we could have a better look at it and we were really pleased with what we found. Nobody wants to place cricket bets on an app that is ugly to look at or really difficult to navigate around, but this is certainly not a problem with this 22Bet app. If you have a 22Bet account and you download this app, we are sure that you will have a cricket betting experience that is not much different to that you would experience were you betting on a desktop device instead.

Betway App

Betway have been a major player in the world of sports betting for more than ten years now, and they know that a lot of their customers want the option of betting on the go. Thus, they took the time to develop a really good app that both Android and iOS users can download to have a great mobile betting experience. We also downloaded this one to test it out ourselves, and we could find absolutely no fault with it. Their app has a very good layout that helps make navigation simple, and the interface is one that is pleasing on the eye. You will definitely have a very good mobile cricket betting experience with this app.

10Cric App

10Cric is a bookmaker that any cricket betting fan from India should be happy to place bets with, and they also have their own app that their players can download to place a cricket bet wherever they are. Just like we did with the two apps we spoke about above, we took a bit of time to test out the 10Cric app, and there was absolutely nothing that we could complain about. They have given it a really nice interface and it is easy to navigate, which are two musts when it comes to betting apps.

In this guide we have provided you with plenty of useful information that will help you out when it comes to betting on cricket. If you would like to find out some cricket betting strategies and even more great tips, then you should take a look at This site, when used in tandem with ours, will help you on your way to a quality cricket betting experience.